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Matt Newton, bipolar and assaulting women by joshglid
April 24, 2012, 8:25 am
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So Matt’s back in the news. At least this time it wasn’t for hitting a woman. That’s totally unacceptable and, in my opinion, not necessarily something to be blamed on bipolar. 

I should know. I have bipolar. I also have OCD. Same things Matt does. The thing is – as my shrink says – no patient walks into a psychiatrist’s office off the pages of a textbook. So although Matt and I have the same thing, we may well have different experiences. 

The thing is, when my (now ex) wife told me she was leaving, I had no inclination to hit her. I wanted to hurt myself. I’d fucked up, and fucked up more, and I paid the price. And that’s what worries me about Matt. What’s with the violence? I’m not a psych, so I’m not going to attempt a diagnosis. 

What I do know is the worst thing for a BP is to mix alcohol, drugs and being away from your support networks. Matt shouldn’t be in the US. He needs to be in a secure care facility until he’s well enough to rejoin society. 

What I also know, as a BP, is that booze and stimulants sometimes give you relief from the hell that is your mind. Until they don’t, and everything spirals out of control. 

I really feel for Matt. I don’t condone the assaults, but he’s not being taken care of. And what he needs, more than anything, is care. 


Stay Cool Dad – introducing kids to music by joshglid
April 24, 2012, 7:48 am
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It’s funny, when my friend Soy started this blog a while back, its mission was to be “A PLACE WHERE PARENTS CAN TALK ABOUT THE CULTURE THEIR KIDS CONSUME, IN THE HOPE THEY DON’T THINK WE ARE DINOSAURS!”

The thing is, my small people are going to have a hard time keeping up with me, musically. At the same time, I want them to form their own tastes (as long as they’re not crap), and I don’t want to push them straight into early Sonic Youth or something. 

When I was in year 8 I discovered my dad’s tapes of the first two Talking Heads albums. Those tapes opened my mind to what was possible, even tho, at that point, they were nearly ten years old. I wonder what sort of things I can leave around, strategically, to open my small people’s minds as they get older? 


Black Metal by joshglid
April 24, 2012, 7:36 am
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In the last year or so I’ve developed a deep interest in nordic black metal. Something about the blastbeats, corpse paint and silly stage names really does it for me. For example, one of the real foundation bands (as far as I can tell) is Immortal. Their stage names are: Abbath Doom OccultaDemonaz Doom OccultaHorgh and Apollyon.

here’s their best known song: All Shall Fall.

seeking transcendence by joshglid
April 21, 2012, 6:20 am
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I want to see some live music tonight. Problem is, I don’t know what’s on. whose playing, or where. Nor do I have co-conspirators. 

The reason I want to see a gig is a desire for transcendence. Good live music can take you out of yourself, into another state. I want that so much. 

Not every gig can achieve it. I remember seeing Magic Dirt, back in the day. Some nights they were awful. Others, they lifted the roof. They took musical risks, they pushed the limits, and survived. That sort of night is what I am after. 

What transcendence have you found in live music?

on bipolar, and related matters by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 10:26 am
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at some point soon, I am going to write about the whole bipolar thing. so hang tight. but it’s not going to be now. because now, of all times, I don’t know what’s real, and what’s not. 

INXS (pt1) by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 10:20 am
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I’ve been listening to INXS’ album The Swing a bit lately. I’m going to write something more substantial soon (well, as soon as I figure out what it is I am going to write). 

But what strikes me is how good this album is. Pretty much every song is a hit. Yet today, INXS is laughed at. And perhaps rightly so. They should not have kept on after Michael died (and I am going to write more about Michael’s death soon). INXS without Hutchence wasn’t INXS. It was a tribute band. 

But leave all that aside. The Swing is a great pop album. It’s got this odd electro-funk feel to it. Very few bands could nail that sound, and INXS did. If you’ve got it, give it a spin. And if you don’t have it, well, it’s eleven bucks on iTunes.  You know what you should do. 

and I’m stoked. 

Looks Like Miaou by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 9:33 am
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Sometimes, not often, I come across something that really KICKS MY ARSE. This French duo, Looks Like Miaou, did that to me. I don’t know anything about it, them, or what. But it’s just the most amazing dropped fuzz duotone I’ve ever heard. Fuck me. They’re amazing. It seems they have an album coming out on Bon Yoyage, whom I have blogged about before. But you don’t need to buy the wax yet: here’s the entire album, Bandcamp stylee.