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RedSunBand by Simon Sharwood
January 10, 2006, 2:26 pm
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A while ago we went to this free gig staged at Camdenville Oval, in fabulous St Peters, Home of the Stars. The stage was just plonked down about where the cricket pitch should be and people sat on the grass on a chilly autumn evening.

It was a weird gig: every freak in Newtown was there, plus plenty of freak parents like us desperate for some indy rock we could see/hear with the kids in tow.

The band that really impressed me was theredsunband. Wanky name and stupid lack of capitals, but I liked their two-girl sound that marries a shoegazing sensibility with some poppish songs.

Long story short … End of Fashion did a celebrity playlist on iTunes and name-checked theredsunband, which is now available for download.

So I did. The album, peapod, doesn’t quite grab me but the final track, Astrovisionary, is 7 minutes long and falls nicely into the genre I want to invent now of “that overlong song jangly guitar bands use to show they can be a bit complex, heavy and conceptual if they want to.”

I suspect a black-wearing 15 year old would lock themeselves in a bedroom and play this quite loud, which seems harmless as there is no devil worship here, just mumbly stuff about sleeping a lot.

Sounds like My Bloody Valentine remixed to be coherent and/or audible.


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