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Welcome to Stay Cool Dad by Simon Sharwood
January 10, 2006, 1:54 pm
Filed under: Mission statement

Here’s the deal.

I love music. But as a 37 year-old father of two, I rarely get to listen to new music.

This means I listen to the stuff I bought in my twenties, over and over and….

This means I am not cool. If I ever was.

But maybe … just maybe … if I knew more about new music that sounds like the stuff I bought in my twenties, I might be a little bit cooler. And a little less bored.

And maybe … just maybe … if I can stay a bit more current and understand why kids like the new music that’s coming onto the scene, I might not think the stuff they listen to is offensive noise. Which might just make me a better parent.

So that’s the project of this blog: let’s share what we know about music and what we know about our kids so we can all be cool in every possible way.



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I’m a bit of a classic rock fan myself. I listen to new music on the station I dj for and when I’m in the car.

You just can’t beat classic rock though when you are talking about Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Cream, The Rolling Stones, etc.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t cool either!

Comment by The Rock Bitch

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