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Elvis is in the City by Simon Sharwood
January 13, 2006, 12:31 pm
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Elvis Costello is in Sydney, doing his orchestral/symphonic thing.

The argument for going to see and hear him seems to be “You’ve heard of him and can remember a song or two, therefore his new work should also interest you.”

I don’t like that argument.

I liked his pop/rock although I never understood how he got labeled anything to do with punk. I never liked him enough to follow his career trajectory, so don’t care what the hell this new stuff sounds like. I also think that this whole contemporary classical things really struggles. I’ve got Low Symphony by Bowie/Glass/Eno and its pleasant enough, but oddly mid-genre between many types of music without synthesising something remarkable.

Also. Memo to myself: never try to encourage kids to go see this kind of thing just because he also wrote some songs they might know. Culture cramming like that is surely doomed to failure. Peter and the Wolf it is for a while, methinks …


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I love the idea of your blog. It’s very appropriate given the conversation my husband and I had the other day. We were listening to ABC local radio.
He mentioned how cool local radio had got because HG was on and coming up was an interview with Tim Rogers.
Yeah, I said, and Helen Raiser is on in the morning.
My husband then suggested that perhaps these people were just not cool anymore and it was a clear indication that we were getting old. Looking forward to reading your blog and keeping us in touch.

Comment by Tracie

Aaah yes. ABC local radio.
I love how the quality drops off in summer as regional presenters get given state-wide airtime and keep telling the whole state anecdotes from Bega or Wagga.
And hasn’t HG sounded odd filling in for “Macca.”

Comment by simon

Gawd Soy I have only just made the switch to 702 this year. As you know keeping up with music trends has never been in my skill set but I stuck with JJJ for years in an attempt to keep at least a little up to date and because I was trying to deny oncoming middle age (at 37 I am still convinced it is only oncoming still!). But this year I gave in and made the switch – it was K job really it was that or allen jones – and have come to like it… sort of. Thou it does make me feel like an old gal.

Anyway I am going to log on to you occassionally and make a point of listening to something that Lucy (very into music 16 year old pal) suggests just so maybe I can be a coolish mum!

Comment by Annie

Wow, Simon – this is such a great idea. I have whinged on my own blog about the way in which I have plummetted into musical ignorance. I was never as cool as you (being far more mainstream in my knowledge and taste, and a hopeless sucker for funk/R&B!) but as a teenager and uni student had a real passion for music. The rot set in when we moved to Bairnsdale (so I could work for the Aboriginal Legal Service) in 1995. JJJ was not yet on the airways in East Gippsland (this tragic situation changed just as we were about to leave) and – initially through desperation, later through love – I became a devoted Radio National listener. I soon became totally hooked on ABC radio to keep me up to date with current affairs, and completely lost touch with current music.

Post-parenthood, I can’t even listen to ABC current affairs with impunity – either Evan starts asking awkward questions about suicide bombers, or Joel has a tantie and insists on the Hooley Dooleys! It’s like I’m frozen in 1995 and condemed to Greatest Hits-ville forever. My kids will reach their teen yeears thinking I’m an utter loser unless something is done – the situation is desperate!!!! My 25 year old brother (who is a High School teacher – v. handy) kindly gives us CDs every birthday and Xmas in an attempt to give us a taste of what the youngsters are listening to. It’s purely thanks to him that I have any knowledge at all (the John Butler Trio was my big new discovery of last year, thanks to him). Now I will be able to turn to Stay Cool Dad as an additional source of knowledge! I look forward to taking advantage of your research, and will choof off now to add a link on my blog.

PS May I put in a request for a post on ‘grown up music that kids love’ at some stage??

Comment by Liz

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