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The comeback by Simon Sharwood
January 25, 2006, 1:25 pm
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I just learned that one of my all-time favorite bands, Pop Will Eat Itself, has re-formed.

There’s even a download of some new material on their site. For free.
Trouble is, it sounds just like their old stuff. There’s no trace of advancement musically or lyrically.

Which creates a dilemna.

Do I keep an ear out for a new album, knowing it’ll be more of the same? Will that make me a crusty old man closed to new experiences and rooted in the safety of revivals? Will it isolate me from new new stuff that the kids listen to?

Or do I move on and risk cutting myself off from my youth, and maybe from some good music too?

Answers please!


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I suppose the answer to this lies in the motivatio for producing a new album. Is it “I have shot all my royalties up my arm and I need to make another record” or have they been seized by the muse late in life and decided to come up with something good. If you like it buy and to hell with what other people thinkespecially kids, they are kids and don’t know any better.

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