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Are we not men…? by Simon Sharwood
January 27, 2006, 2:03 pm
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Interesting take on the whole Dev2.0 thing from artist Coop.

He lifts an interview with Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh that was published in The Onion: “We learned something from the hippies that, unfortunately,the punks at the same time didn’t learn, and that is that rebellion is obsolete. In a healthy capitalistic world, rebellion is just something else to market…”

And then he editorialises:

“What better way to get your message through than to aim your cruise missiles at the soft underbelly of kid-dom? Look at all the mendacious crap forced down childrens’ impressionable gullets these days. Thank Jebus I don’t have any, or I’d be forced to listen & look at that crap ALL DAY LONG, whcih brings up the other brilliant part of this plan. Most of the parents of those young’uns are in my age bracket, and were probably DEVO fans themselves in their younger days. I’m sure they would much rather listen to DEV2.O than the friggin’ Wiggles, or whatever other weird crap is popular among the Huggies set these days…

I tell ya, initially I hated the Wiggles. Somethin’ not quite right about grown men prancing around in Skivvies. Then I kinda thought they were OK – at least the kiddies develop an appreciation of music. And now I’ve swung back again, in part because of the never ending Wiggles marathon in our house, and also because The Microbe started groovin’ to Talking Heads Psycho Killer the other day and I realised….”there is another way…”


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And the Wiggles production values are incredibly, astoundingly lame.
The continuity errors in a single video are enough to keep a continuity wonk going for about a month.
And let’s face it, they’re past their songwriting peak too. No classics since Hot Potato, and that was years ago.
Could this be a case of “I like their old stuff better than their new stuff?”

Comment by simon

It probably pays better than writing the theme music for rugrats

Comment by Lee

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