Stay Cool Dad

by Simon Sharwood
February 2, 2006, 9:00 pm
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I missed out on going to the Big Day Out. Had a ticket, mind you, but friends and substance dependencies and all those things that creep and crawl and twist their way into your lives meant it was better I didn’t go.
And so I missed seeing Iggy & the Stooges. Worse, for me, was that I missed seeing Iggy & the Stooges with Mike Watt, from the Minutemen, on bass.
(some of you might recall the found sound track Providence, off Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. “Thurston… Watt! Thurston… Watt! It’s ten thirty. I’m calling from Providence Rhode Island. Did you find your shit? You gotta watch yrself Thurston. Yr fuckin’ memory just goes out the winda…” Yeah. That Mike Watt).
Anyway, a year or so ago a mate, living in Italy at the time, drove to Switzerland – as you do – to see The Pixies. “They’re the fucking stooges of our generation,” I told him.
Which they are. And apparently they kicked arse. But what happens when The Stooges, the Ultima Thule (always wanted to write that) of punk rock, reform? Is it still legit to go see them? What can I learn? Is this just basically hits n’ memories for the punk rock set? What next? A Pavement reunion tour?
(and that’s a post for another time. Max’s Petersham. Pavement. Two drummers.)
I would’ve loved to see Iggy singing 1969. And for me, at least, the fact that Watt was playing made it all ok. If it had been all the original lineup, lumbering around the place, it would have been wrong even with Iggy, the eternal Iggy, out front.
But Watt made it. And that’s why I’m bummed I missed out. Watt is punker than any of us will ever be. Punker, even, than Iggy. Mike Watt is my hero.


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