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Radio MoFo by Simon Sharwood
February 6, 2006, 11:22 pm
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So how does one encounter new music these days?

I was already planning a radio post before I’d even seen this blog. Trawling reader’s comments, I can see others have had to grapple “the switch to 702” and the like.

It seems in this country you either cease listening to music at 24 or so and don’t resume until Classic FM, or whatever they call it now (which is essentially an increasingly desperate search for rare B sides by guys who knew semi-famous composers) starts to appeal. In between the thought-provoking talk offerings of RN and ABC Local Radio fill the void. That or you listen to commercial radio, which can be summed up in two words: “Khe” and “Sanh”.

I mean, what the fuck?! In what universe does that make sense?

Our little family has moved itself over to fbi (94.5MHz), Sydney’s half-Australian, quarter-Sydney channel. I find the less-professional presenters endearing (they are quite distinctly below JJJ, but above 2SER – where I would draw the line). But it’s not perfect: the dinkum skew of its content (which I think is how they got their license: “We’re narrowcasting!”) and a more general “unusual music” bent (I think they assume we’re getting “balance” from somewhere) means I always have a nagging doubt I’m still missing good stuff. (Of late though, this non-aussie track has pricked up my ears. Thank god for ITMS where I can discover that the whole album is maybe not so good.). fbi also has a simply excellent Rugby League Show Fridays at 09:00 during the on-season.

Podcasting is sweeping all before it (I actually do listen to RN, the bits I’m interested in when I want them) helped in no small part by radio’s world-wide lameness. And the On-demand revolution (I so dearly hope) will make concepts like “a channel” and “programming” irrelevant for both video and audio. So it doesn’t make much sense to lament radio’s offerings to us, but what’s next?

We either need something like, where all us hip daddys can offer up new stuff and rate it. iTunes is trying to do that, but I don’t think there’s any element of bring new stuff in (unless, just hypothetically, some record company hands over a suitcase of money to Apple and says “perhaps you’d like to suggest this to 30-something dads”). Or this very blog (warning, circular link) if we never tire of inserting URLs to iTunes. Or someone needs to shake the record companies out of their foetal ball of terror and say “we’re going to make a weekly new adult contemporary music podcast. And you’re going to give away whole tracks to us for nothing. We’re going to talk over the beginning and end and reduce the quality slightly. Just like radio. And you can go back to printing money, like before this whole internet nightmare began”.


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