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totally unrelated thought of the day by Simon Sharwood
February 9, 2006, 7:12 pm
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Today, in the airy daze that passes for awareness on my morning commute, I gazed at a billboard on the side of a bus and, unusually, it got me thinking.

I remember during a “drugs are bad” lecture at school, might even have been primary school, someone said “I wont ever try marijuana, just in case I like it”. You’d see the hard-core pot-heads in the 16mm shock video and their obsession looked ridiculous and embarassing. But maybe it was actually really fun and they were having a great time.

It is for precisely this reason that I shall never, ever, try a game of sudoku.

I know it’s not musical, but I had to share it …


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There was once a band called “Gay Bikers on Acid.”
They were, of course, banned for this offensive name.
So they changed it to “Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds.”
No-one minded that.
Their album, which came out on vinyl, was called “Drill your own hole.” And you had to!

Comment by simon

There is no harm in trying Sudoku as you will find after a while that the possibilities from one puzzle to the next are very very limited, consequrently they get boring after a while. Only good for train journeys where you hacve forgotten your book, and MP3 player for staying cool

Comment by Lee

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