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Seven D’oh! Two by Simon Sharwood
February 10, 2006, 2:18 pm
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ABC 702 Sydney is the radio station that university-educated, left-leaning folks like myself are almost born to listen to.

But its taste in music is awful.

Today, for example, it offered Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” as a classic album, and played the song “The Ballad of Billy The Kid” on air.

What a pompous piece of crap that was. Billy had obviously been listening to Neil Diamond when he wrote it, but that excuses nothing.

Apparently the day before, 702 had an Elton John album in the same slot. Listeners were sending angry emails about the back-to-back crapfest.
Now I will confess listening to both artists.

As a teenager, before I discovered indy rock.

I have eschewed both since.

I may have to eschew 702 from now on if this continues …

All of which raises the question: why is it so hard to mix intelligent talk radio with decent music?

So I emailed them along these lines and suggested these to fill the classic album slot next Monday, when they want an Australian album:

  • 16 Lovers Lane – The Go Betweens
  • Stoneage Romeos – The Hoodo Gurus
  • The Black Swan – The Triffids

Let’s see what effect, if any, that has!


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Along with the unsufferable music, I have to add an extreme hate – to the point of “terminate with maximum prejudice” – for many of the 702 announcers. Please, someone, put Richard Glover out of his misery. And I tell ya what, I won’t be listening to that pompous, arrogant, addle-eyed twat Adam when he takes over breakfast… the only thing worse would be the return of bleeding heart think of the children Catterns.

The only bright spot is trioli. And even she bottoms out sometimes.

Comment by JG

I have to totally agree with you, Soy, and totally disagree with you, Josh, about 702.

I like the announcers. Maybe it’s my fast approaching 40 grey hair showing through, but I find the topics they talk about quite amusing (except for Macca on a Sunday morning when I want to burst my own ear drums rather than listen to the ‘I love a sun burnt country’ twaddle) but the music is so dire I can not understand how anyone can listen to it without weeping.

Decent new music and grown up announcers would make the perfect station for me, just so long as they didn’t play any Aussie Hip Hop. Don’t get me started …

Comment by Elissa

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