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Clinging to youth by Simon Sharwood
February 13, 2006, 5:07 pm
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A friend read this blog for the first time today and suggested I tune in to Vega, the new FM station that plays “40 years of music” and is aimed at the over 40’s.

I can’t bear to so so because tuning in to something designed to attract me seems the surest way to give up any chance of even pretending to somehow have a chance be in touch with “the stuff the kids are all listening to,” never mind the terrifying prospect of never hearing new music on the radio again …


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I wonder if VEGA plays “Clap your hands say yeah,” or the LIARS, or The Rapture or the golden age or mess hall or danger mouse or…

I think not. And, of course, they have Angela “think of the children” Catterns. That’s enough incentive for me to NEVER tune in. I’ll stick with FBi’s amateur hour, and get my intellectual stimulation from radio national podcasts.

And besides, Simon, you’re not yet 40. You don’t have a BMW. Surely the demographic is all wrong?

Comment by JG

Never really minded Angela Catterns, never felt strongly about her either. But I find I have an intense aversion to recycled radio announcers. Didn’t listen when they recycled her on the net, only listened when I had to on 702 (had one car AM-only for most of the last 15 years) and will not listen to her on Vaguer.

I quite miss Merrick and Rosso (well, I did, it’s pretty much worn off), but .. you know .. Nova.

I gather Adam is moving to 702, where do they get these amazing original ideas from?

Footnote: in a previous life, I managed to have to have four goes at taking Angela Catterns’ Security ID photo at a certain national public broadcaster. Overdeveloped one, chopped the next one in half in the laminator and then ran out of film before finally nailing it. She was very gracious.

Comment by Pdaddy

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