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iTunes tweak 002 by Simon Sharwood
February 13, 2006, 2:33 pm
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Well, it’s not so much a tweak as an observation: why is the iTunes visualisation engine so crappy?

I know there are plenty of plug-ins (I’ve got gaslight, among others), but all of them fall down because they ignore the type of music being played. Sure, some use the waveforms as seeds to generate the visuals, but that’s primitive.

Any track stored in iTunes has a basic amount of meta-data. Some of us add to that meta-data with comments, notes, ratings, genres, classifications and associations.

Why isn’t there a visualisation engine that takes these things into account? Why not take it one step further and use that meta-data and link it with, say flikr tags, or perhaps google image searches, pull some of those images in and combine it all into visuals?

(now that I am thinking about it, I wonder how hard all this would be to code? Anyone know?).

I got thinking about this because I was listening to party shuffle with the vis-engine on. A surf track from the Cowabunga box set came on. The vis-engine (I was using eyephedrine) threw up this tron-image that would’ve been suited to, say, autechre’s kelvin chill, but absolutely sucked for surf music.

so let’s build a better vis-engine!


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