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Where are they now? by Simon Sharwood
February 14, 2006, 3:12 pm
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I’ve been listening to old favorites Straitjacket Fits today, and enjoyed it so much I Googled a couple of the band’s members.

What surprised me was the dearth of MP3s it turned up.

Singer/Guitarist Andrew Brough, for example, comes up with some hits on the Flying Nun site. But there isn’t much else.
But in this age of GarageBand, I wonder why just about any muso worth their salt doesn’t at least bang up a demo of whatever it is they are working on in the hope some mad long tail goon like myself is interested in hearing what they are up to. One PayPal “donate” button later and they could even turn a quid.

Of course this assumes that musos keep making music.

As a writer I cannot imagine not writing. But I don’t know: do musos put down the guitar and go do something else?

And if they are still playing, is the blogosphere any use to them? Or is it all at with the young folk?


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This is a fascinating question. I know LOTS of musos, and virtually all of them are ignorant about myspace, think that giving away an MP3 equates to selling the crown jewels, and can’t get their head around buying a Mac and using garageband to record garage sessions. I just don’t get it.

Maybe it’s the circles I move in… but I suspect that it’s a pretty widespread phenomena among rock musos. It’s possible the electronic crowd think different (ly)

Comment by JG

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