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The sound by Simon Sharwood
February 22, 2006, 10:48 am
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I reckon the most important single sound of the last 50 years has to be the “scratch”, the sound that is made by rotating a (vinyl) record beneath the (diamond) needle of a record player.

it is incredibly patronising to say so, but scratching has created all sorts of new music.

Why mention this? Well … I was listening to some Husker Du yesterday (how the hell do you do umlauts in WordPress?) and some of the sounds in their Warehouse – Songs and Stories album are just incredibly lame.

Their snare drum in particular is just woeful. It’s a horribly thin and rattley thing.

Which gets me thinking. Which sounds of today’s music will sound incredibly bad some years hence. Will any sound sound as important 20 years from now as scratching?

And what the hell will anyone think of the whole Destiny’s Child reverb/vibrato/harmony/warble thing? I hope that sounds like the incredibly anachronistic musical dead end atrocity it deserves to become …


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mmm, scratching. You must listen to q-bert

Comment by JG

“Importance” is an interesting criteria: important for what? Saving the shrimp? Driving Mankind forward?

In terms of raw influence it would be hard to go past distorted electric guitar (or the historical progression: electric guitar, distorted electric guitar, screaming fed-back distorted electric guitar)

… and regarding umlauts, the cheap thing to say would be “Yo jst need a deent S, ???? ???? !!” . But the correct answer is: “You just enter one normally. Under Windows, use a keyboard other than the US-one which requires you do keypad-tapdancing to enter non 7-bit chars.

Comment by Pdaddy

It is only the fact that I’m onto my second beer (poor lonely Masters Degree widow that I am) that gives me courage to admit that I…ahem…really enjoy Destiny’s Child. I actually LIKE their harmonies – at the risk of sounding (even more) ridiculous, to me they are reminiscent of harmonies in African music that I have listened to.

I presume all comments from this address will be ‘blocked’ from now on.

I don’t know if it redeems me, but the previous post inspires me to add that I LOVE ‘Word Up’ (but must confess that the only Cameo album I own is their Greatest Hits – and I bought this before I had parenthood as an excuse!). I wrote about this song on my blog once, but was unable to google my way to a picture of the codpiece (which blew my Canberra high school girl mind when the song first came out). On mentioning this, I subsequently received several kind emails from Cameo fans directing me to suitable illustrations. That codpiece has taken a hold on a great many imaginations.

Interestingly, one of my favourite albums of last year was John Butler Trio’s Sunrise Over Sea. Further evidence of a mysterious Cameo/JBT taste connection! Never got into Jeff Buckley, though.

Comment by Liz

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