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Loose Nuts on the Velodrome by Simon Sharwood
February 24, 2006, 2:57 pm
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Nigel, also known as The First Monkey, clued me into LIARS a couple of years ago. Outta NYC, fronted by an Australian, all jagged post punk and toosha-toosha back beat, their debut album “They Threw us in a trench and stuck a monument” on top kicked my arse.
Still does.
Then came a second album. It’s widely regarded as a complete piece of crap. Except by me. It traded in their trademark sound for something that reminds me of the darker moments of The Talking Heads’ Remain in Light. It’s gothic, brooding and static, and there’s no argument that it’s hard work. But that doesn’t make it bad.
(which reminds me; I just finished David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. It’s composed of five stories folded together like origami. There are threads between them, but it’s not obvious. I read an AMAZON review of the book and someone complained about the opacity of the connections and it made me wonder why people object to having to do a little work on their own. Do they need everything spelled out?)
LIARS second album, They Were Wrong, so We Drowned, is a bit like that. You have to work at it and that’s just fine. I can listen to Belle & Sebastian when I’m feeling lazy.
Now LIARS have a new disc out. Pitchfork proclaims Drums Not Dead as a masterpiece, building on They were wrong and taking it in a fresh direction. When I am off deadline I’m gonna go straight to RedEye and buy it. Can’t wait.


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