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Encounters by Simon Sharwood
March 3, 2006, 10:32 am
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A couple of parents have said interesting things to me lately.

One has an eight year old and a six year old, plus an XBOX and an interesting approach to its use.

He is aware that video games can promote anti-socail tendencies and has therefore briefed his kids that if they display this kind of behaviour before, after or during XBOX use, away it goes into to the top of the cupboard for a month.


The other parent has a thirteen  year old that he worries spends too much time in Habbo Hotel, a MMORPG. He wants his kid to spend more time in the real world, talking to real people, which he reckons is pretty necessary to grow up healthy and well-adjusted.
Beyond music, these are the challenges that will only get more and more complex for parents.

Let’s discuss them here.


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Tears and tantrums because he wants an nintendo – all the other kids have them. New rules at our house about ‘half and hour’ on the computer at anytime during the week and only after you are completely ready for school or afterschool.

Will having a portable computer game turn him into a raving loony who shoots people in the street – will not giving him one turn him in to an outcast (further into an outcast given his odd parenting situation).

It gets sooo comlex

Comment by Annie

My oldest son has just received his first computer game at the age of 10. A golf game! Though interested, he is thankfully far from obsessed. So far I think we have struck it lucky with him. He’s just not caught up with all this stuff.
It is interesting what people/I do worry about. I think I’d be concerned if he now turned into a ‘golfing type’ because he liked the computer game. Golf here is highly expensive and synonymous with social climbing but I figured the game is more innocuous than one with fanatsy worlds or shooting people. In fact, I think I’ve got to the stage where I’m going to disapprove of and worry about things I did myself when younger.

Comment by David

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