Stay Cool Dad

The Wiggles are in trouble by Simon Sharwood

Mashed potato, mashed potato is giving way to MashUps here at StayCoolDad central.

I’ve become addicted to DJBC’s two albums of Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups.

They are expertly done, as you’ll hear if you have a BitTorrent client and hit this link.

The experience has made me think perhaps I should re-evaluate my attitude to the whole dance music thing, which is best summarised by a conversation I had with a twenty-something waitress in a cafe last year that went like this:

(Imagine doof-doof music in the background)

ME: Crikey! Bit early for that kind of music isn’t it?

WAITRESS: Don’t you like it?

ME: Not really.
(Adopts ‘old granny’ voice)
When I was your age we had proper music that sounded like this.
(I make grungey, Nirvana-style noises)
Proper music should have lots of noisy guitars and scarcely-audible lyrics, not this silly modern doof rubbish.
The poor dear was rather perplexed, as you could imagine.

Anyway, “the kids” are into this electronic stuff so I feel a bit cool for having downloaded and listened to some, then liked it! Better do more of it to keep up the mission …


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