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TMBG Podcast 4A by Simon Sharwood
March 9, 2006, 11:46 pm
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Turns out I do get to listen to new music (albeit by old artists). Thanks to SCD’s own Simon (for pointing it out) and the merciful sanity of the Two Johns (for giving it away), I commuted my way in to The Blandness today wearing a large and unexpected grin, because my iPod-for-the-blind (see footnote) served me up the latest They Might Be Giants podcast (4A). Like a jeweler’s after a ram-raid, it was strewn with gems.

After a couple of free ring tones (including an amusing “NSA: Suspending your rights” one), we’re treated to 25 minutes or so of “venue songs”: songs composed about each venue on their 2004 tour. Musically, lyrically and in the narration between, there is a level of inventiveness inspired by the apallingly banal which is really pretty awesome. These guys are not young, not new to this (true, they’re a shade newer than U2), but a virtually random selection of mid-sized venues across the anglophone Northern Hemisphere brings out the most extraordinarily diverse range of stuff. Musically, you’ll have to listen. Lyrically, here’s one gem:

Put some makeup on that bruise
we’re going to the Anaheim House of Blues

All the songs are linked and explained by a narrator. If I had to say something clever about a place called “Richard’s on Richards”, I might come up with something like “meh”. TMBG concocted and ode built around the venue’s “hypnotically redundant” name … “Hypnotically redundant”, that’s gold!

And it’s free, though you can see from their much too clever to be practical website that you could buy a DVD of the same thing. Free, but I’m living proof the business model works: I slapped down USD15 for their 2005 best-of, and by dang I’ll do it again in 2021 for the next one as surely as night follows day.

Highly recommended.

My shiny new nano snuck itself into the washing machine. I was able to revive all of it but the screen, and the ability to shut down properly (so, playing or not, it goes flat over nite). Eventually, I tracked down some apple info on the menu structure (don’t try googling “iPod menu structure”) so I can find the podcasts menu. I have some control, but not total.

(I also have all the best intentions to put together a resource for iPod users who, whether it be for eye- or screen-related issues, cannot see the frigging thing)


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