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Pandora by Simon Sharwood
March 20, 2006, 11:09 am
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Have we written about Pandora yet?

The whole idea of this blog was to stay in touch with what’s going on… well, Pandora, part of the music genome project, does that. You enter an artist, it plays the artist and then similar artists. You click a button showing whether you like the recommendations or not, and on it goes.

It’s amazing. And, unfortunately, it’s only available to US citizens… or those willing to commit low level fraud and enter a US Zip code on the free membership page..


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Intriguing. Startling. So much potential.

At first I was a bit worried:

As one who has professionally had to go looking for “just the right track” (of sludge) to go with a certain bit of video, I can’t help spotting the “usual database fields” in Pandora’s potted chatty analysis of the music you like. “Major keys”, “mid tempo”, “horn section” etc. Where was the “nueral” learning “folks who liked this also like …” stuff?

The “related songs” I heard (and BTW I was not required to commit any fraud at all) were interesting but I put in Dusty Springfield and it thought I’d like Rikki Lee Jones.

Then it got better … although, it’s necessarily a bit of a one trick pony: if you listen to a hundred different songs which all resemble one song, will you get tired of it? (Hey that’s a bit Zen. I wonder if the Zen masters ever thought for a second it would one be possible to do just that?)

Worth a look!

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