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Thag you very buch* by Simon Sharwood
March 21, 2006, 3:32 pm
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I have a nasty flu, acquired during our fab weekend away at Edrom Lodge.

The reason for the trip was the 10th anniversary of my wife’s book club. A whole bunch of families schlepped themselves and their kids to Eden to chat about books.

It was a stretch and not cheap either, but very well worth it. My reason for this assessment, beyond the fun, comes from a book I read last year called Freakonomics. One of the hypotheses in the book is that kids who grow up in households where parents read to them are more likely to succeed in later life purely because of that family’s values and aspirations.

Kids in these households get a picture of life that includes literature and critical thought, so they set out to emulate it. And usually do.
So even though I am now some kind of zombie sustained only by cold tablets, the weekend was well and truly worth it for many reasons.

*Title is itself a literary reference. Big smileys for anyone who can identify it!


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Malcolm Gladwell has pointed to some serious problems with some of the ideas in freakonomics; in particular that the perpelexing drop in crime rates in the US correlated with legalised abortion.

gladwell on freakonomics

Comment by JG

The obscure literary reference ain’t what it once was in the Google age.

For a short time, while Googling, I thought it was from Bored of the Rings, which brought to mind: possibly my favourite line, describing an Elven feast at riv ‘n’n dell [paraphrasing] “Like all creatures who lived in the forest with no visible means of support, the Elves ate rather frugally. Frito was a little surprised when a plate was laid in front of him containing only bark, dirt and twigs”

Why not Google it yourself, gang?

Comment by Pdaddy

Does it count if you read to ur parents. For book club in primary school?
I dont remember my parents reading to me but i dont think i doing too badly. im happy and i suppose thats all that matters.

Comment by uni girl

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