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Faster, louder! by Simon Sharwood
March 28, 2006, 3:40 pm
Filed under: Mission statement

Nicholas Carr of IT Doesn’t Matter (in)fame, of all people, links to an interesting article in The Boston Globe, of all places.

The gist is that not only are folks like Arctic Monkeys subverting the usual record company route to fame, but that in so doing they are accelerating the pace at which music emerges, becomes cool and then becomes passe.

They achieve this because online music-hunters are restless and also highly networked. So buzz moves faster, without the artificial crimp of record industry hype machines.

As more and more people start to consume music this way, one can presume the pace only gets faster and faster.

So by the time the kids are into pop, there’s a fair old chance they’ll be surfing five-minute nanotrends no parent can keep up with, never mind participate in or comprehend.

How do you like them potatoes?


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I think the five minute nanotrends will becoms noise and from this will emerge real musicians producing modern classics. having the filter of record companies removed the classics will be popular choice. Perhaps then the dancing girlies will be consigned to the sidelines (of the footy pitch) where they belong.


Comment by Lee

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