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Deja vu all over again by Simon Sharwood
April 3, 2006, 4:58 pm
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Prince is no. 1 in the album charts.

(Strange rewindy noises taking us back 20 years)

Prince is no. 1 in the album charts!

Hmmm … not quite sure how to take this. I mean if this were The Stones and my kids were out buying the new album I’d say to them “for God’s sake go and listen to some objectionable and largely unintelligible noise will you please, not this dinosaur crap I listened to when I was your age.”

Maybe I better listen to it to see if it’s any good or if Gen Y is being sold a reputation instead of a record …


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An even older dinosaur, Mr. Stephen Ferris, intro’ed a Princey track on FBI thusly: “In an age where you’re hard pressed to find a funk track with any redeeming features, one man can be relied upon to come up with the goods”. And the track was indeed decent.

I’m also dragged back down memory lane to the Spitting Image 1984 Annual (you know, those puppets satirising popular culture which eventually spawned local imitators in every country on earth). In a double page spread parodying a “Smash Hits” type fan-mag was a Prince Bio:

Prince’s real name is: Mr. Prince
His favourite food is: flies

Also on this topic there was a very amusing still from “Everybody hates Chris” in 2 Sundays ago’s Sun Herald TV thingot – 13 y.o. Chris in his Purple-Rain-era lace headband.

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