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When good bands go bad by Simon Sharwood
April 6, 2006, 11:27 pm
Filed under: I like this band because, I'm so old ..., Just didn't listen to ...

I listened, or tried to listen, to the most recent Weezer album today.

It is called Make Believe. And it is terrible. Just awful. Somehow this band that was once capable of being cute, satirical or delivering moving mini-epics has descended into bad three minute pop/rock songs that have no distinguishing features. I reckon they sound like Green Day album tracks, which is a huge insult so far as I am concerned.

So what’s happened here? Have my tastes moved on or has Weezer declined?

How can I tell? Should I recommend bands I like to my kids, knowing that they might be a good band gone bad? I’d tell my kids to listen to early Dylan or Stones. Anything in the last 10 years is probably an insult to their intelligence (although this is an interesting effort from the Stones).

But back to Weezer. Perhaps they simply ran out of ideas and are coasting on a decent brand. I hope not. Their early work gives me hope that they are a group I could share with people for some time to come. Unless, of course, it really is their problem and not mine that makes this album such a crock.


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