Stay Cool Dad

Admiration by Simon Sharwood
April 12, 2006, 4:24 pm
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I’m making a conscious effort to read less gossip this year. Not that I was ever a big reader. We buy one of the weekly trashmags about twice a year and they mostly leave me feeling angry about their aggressive voyeurism and inflation of the trivial.

The other reason is that I find it bizzarre how much people are prepared to listen to entertainers. It says a lot about people’s need for distraction from their daily grind that we elevate Pop Stars to the level at which their opinions are held up as worthy of our attention and their lifetyles offered up as examples of virtue.

They’re Pop Stars, dammit! Why are their insights into the human condition any more worthwhile than someone else’s? If the qualification for that worth is that a Pop Star’s ability to make one forget the drudgery of life for a few minutes somehow makes them a sage, find me a new class of sage.

This is not to say we should all go home and tuck into a nice big volume of Plato or Bertrand Russell for their learned insights into the world.

But I, for one, am determined not to assume that because an entertainer is very good at performing the very welcome job of making me feel good, that they represent some kind of role model for the rest of us.

This blog will, I hope, always make the same assumption.


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