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FBI blots its copybook by Simon Sharwood
April 19, 2006, 1:21 am
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Sydney quasi-professional radio station FBi plays a “classic track” each morning, and in keeping with the general “we don’t get paid to do this” ambience, sometimes a fact or two gets lost or badly harmed in the potted history the 20-something announcer gives us before the song. Richard Kingsmill, they’re not.

But this morning, they fell into a classic trap. First we had a quick Bio of “DJ B” and Rakim and how terribly influential they were an all future hip hop/electronic/remixey music. Then all about how the track we were going to hear, “Paid in Full”, featured all sorts of amazing sampling, even Israeli artist Ofra Haza, and basically set the scene for the rest of music itself to the present day.

I’m sure the FBI DJ’s disappointment when the track she played featured only a small subset of those things must have mirrored my own a few years back when I got the original track on a “Rage” compilation CD. All it is is one killa percussion track which will never die, a nice bit of bass for about the first half and about a verse and a half. It gets going and then smugly says “leave the drum machine going and let’s go home with the money”.

What the FBI DJ was thinking of was the “seven minutes of music” remix by coldcut (wikipedia entry, everything2 entry). It’s funny how your memory rearranges things and just deletes the other versions. I can’t find the quote on the net, so I think it must have been on one of the shows by the actual Kingsmill, one of the cold cutters said:

“We took out most of what Eric B did, and virtually all of what Rakim did, and they weren’t very happy. But then it sold 7 zillion copies”

But if you’re neither loafing off the taxpayer, nor fat with advertising revenue, you can’t really be expected to know that.

On a related note, FBi’s unmissable Rugby League show is now a podcast.

(And, I never did get my hands on the “proper” version, but at just 23 a minute on Aussie iTunes, the seven minute track is just too reasonably priced to pass up. Yep, Eric B, rakim, coldcut and whoever they sampled just got Paid in Full again. Ching!)


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