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A trip to the video store raises some interesting issues by Simon Sharwood
April 23, 2006, 7:24 pm
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I went to the video store yesterday and it was an interesting experience because I spotted about half a dozen items that made me say to myself: “Gee: I’ve kinda missed that.”

There was a bit of  a pang involved because I am still curious to watch things like Jacakass and even Start Trek: Voyager. Not so much because I want to but because I feel like I need to experience them just to keep myself in the continuum so I can understand the references they produce and the things they influence.

It’s something I am keen to do because I feel if I slip out of the pop culture stream now, I’ll struggle to get back in. And even if I do get back in, the lack of references will mean I don’t want to stay in for long. And if I’m not in, my kids’ world will be obscure to me.

Of course I have no time at all to consume any of this stuff. And the notion that my wife and I will sit down to watch Jackass The Movie one evening out of curiosity is more than laughable.

Maybe just going the the video store more will at least bring me into contact with more of this stuff, even if only by staring at the labels of the stuff I wonder if I’ll ever see.


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I recommend that you do sit down with Elissa and watch jackass. I have not seen the film but I have watched a large number of episodes from the series as they ran a marathon on cable over here one bleak day. It is stupidity but really creative and inventive stupidity and therein lies the charm

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