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Growing up with The Moz by Simon Sharwood
May 5, 2006, 11:30 am
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One of my favorite writers is Martin Amis. He is just so smart and manages to convey his thoughts so precisely, in such beautiful language, that he is one of very few people I aspire/desire to emulate.
I think it is in his memoir/autobiography Experience that he says he has “grown out of pop music but has not grown into anything else yet.”

That has stayed with me for a long time because it explains how I feel about a lot of contemporary music.

Anyway … I was at a record store the other evening and came across Morrissey‘s new album, Ringleader of the Tormentors. I had a listen and it sounded pretty good. I even felt like it could represent a contemporary artist whose career has been founded in songs taking another step forward. Maybe into something worth growing into.

Sadly, I was mistaken. And saddened. Part of me always hopes when I buy a grown up record that in a few years time the kids will graduate to it and we can enjoy it together. And then they’ll figure out that perhaps my previous experience (of culture at least) is worth a smidgin of respect.
That won’t happen with this album, though. It’s just Morrissey being Morrissey in above-average but not stellar form.


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