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Princesses commenting on Punk by Simon Sharwood
May 9, 2006, 10:43 pm
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Channel Nine has the incredibly poxy show called 20 to 1 that recalls events of yesteryear by counting down their 20 most noteworthy examples of whatever category they are covering that week.

Last night, we were channel surfing and caugh 30 seconds of its episode about 20 ‘Fads and fashions’ trends.

No. 12 was punk.

There was some Sex Pistols footage with John(ny) Leydon (Rotten) sneering rather impressively.

But the show then used Jessica Rowe and Deborah Hutton to comment on punk. Rowe is a dangerously thin and oddly toothy newsreader. Hutton is a spokesmodel/TV presenter.

Both are capital N Nice, and more or less completely and utterly inappropriate and unqualified to offer comment on punk.

Why not just ask some punks?

Because actual punks might scare the viewers of 20 to 1.

Of course that was the whole point of punk, which was totally and utterly missed in favour of a safe middle class recollection of punk.

I hope smart kids will still be able to learn the truth. Crap like this show will give them even more reason to appreciate punk and seek it out.


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