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re Kiddie Music by Simon Sharwood
June 23, 2006, 11:32 pm
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God, it’s been so long I forgot you can’t post a comment.

JG, very brave of you fighting on alone all these weeks. I’m sure Simon will be dark with me when he gets back from his jaunt, but hey I have my reasons …

It’s now almost a full calendar year since I bought the best of TMBG back from the states and my sprogs still love it (not for sale on iTMS, but you could get it from uh, Sanity or wherever you buy music).

In fact, they still mostly just want track 2, “Meet James Ensor”. Even after well over a hundred listens. Boy, they really latch onto things those sprogs … There’s an acoustic version of this track on the latest TMBG podcast.

Lately we’ve been having fun with track 26 “Dr. Evil” where I theatrically stomp around after them like Nosferatu and they squeal and collide with things in their panic to get away. (Like it how I casually put FW Murnau and Austen Powers in the same sentence? I mightn’t post often, but they pack a wallop!)

And if you have girls, nothing beats dance of the sugar plum fairies and a couple of $5 tutus.


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