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The classics by Simon Sharwood
June 25, 2006, 7:29 pm
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We’ve just returned from three weeks in France, the UK and Vietnam.

It was a fine trip.

On the culture front, the kids were very interested to encounter Tintin almost everywhere they went. In fact, the big kid clung to it as a familiar cultural artefact in many seas of weirdness.Ditto Super-and-Spider-man.

Kinda makes you wonder what other globalised classics are out there for us all to tap into whenever it suits, how to identify them and share them with the kids.

P.S. Now that I am back on deck I will find time to fix the blog.


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Hey, nice to meet you and thanks for your visit.
I didn’t know about the bananas. WOW, amazing prices. I guess, I have to check the prices over here, before buying bananas, just in case πŸ™‚
Yepp, cultural artefacts are found everywhere πŸ™‚
I guess for kids it’s easier to find them and identify themselves with it.

Comment by Nicole

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