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July 3, 2006, 6:51 am
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We took our iPod on holiday. This gave me the chance to do something I had not done for years: listen to music on headphones.

Gee it was fun being wrapped in a soundscape only I could hear, with all the nuances of the songs close to my ear instead of dissipated into the mess that my main music player – the PC – delivers through its terrible speakers.

It took me back to how great it was as a teenager to cocoon yourself in sound, and to have a little secret about exactly what it was you were listening to.

Sure it was a tad anti-social, then and now. But it is also wonderfully indulgent. When can I do it again?


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Hi Simon, something that you may want to post.

This past weekend Cat and I went to a festival called Hyde Park Calling. Mosy of the bans were fairly new and some obscure but the headliners on each night were neither new nor obscure. Saturday night was Roger Waters, the bass player from Pink Floyd accompanied by Nick Mason (drummer). I was surprised by the amount of material he had written. Anyway the event was filled with families. Parent taking their teenage kids to see the bands of their youth (and even sharing pot with them in some instances). Many of the kids wer really getting into the music especially the live rendition of the entire Dark Side of The Moon album.

Sunday was much the same but headlined by The Who. The generational distance here was even greater, especially during “My generation” and I am not sure how many of “the kids” knew what the kids are allright meant or even knew what a pinball machine was. Anyway after making just about every other live act that anyone has ever seen look lame (no mean feat for a couple of 60 year olds, especially Roger Daltrey wearing glasses so he can see the track list) at the end of the show he looked out at the crowd and said “I bet you look at your dad in a whole different light”

This prompted the discussion between Cat and I about who would survive from the 80’s. The best we could come up with was Madge and U2. Our prediction from the 90’s was Radiohead who, at least in England, have picked up the Pink Floyd mantle for artiness in rock music. Are there any other contenders? I am referring to bands that will still be able to headline big gigs rather than floating about on an RSL tour.

Comment by Lee

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