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The results by Simon Sharwood
July 11, 2006, 12:41 am
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Here’s what we put up with while watching Planet Earth.

Why does a shark eat a seal?

Why is the elephant swimming?

Why are the birds flying?

Is that a shark?

Is that an elephant?

That’s a cheetah. Is that a cheetah?

No. That’s a snow leopard.

No it’s not, it’s a cheetah.

So there was some interest, but not much willingness to sit back and be awed by the planet. And there was quite a lot of parental hissing along the lines of “sit down and listen” which as ever did not get heeded at all.

A mixed result therefore, but not an unpredictable one.


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Barnaby is now into volcanoes after last night’s episode. He fell asleep just before the panda, unfortunately. I turned off just before the two kills (Patagonia and the snow leopard) to much protest. I gave up on him being quiet. I was David Attenborough for a lot of it.

Comment by Ben Haslem

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