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I should have known what I was doing by Simon Sharwood
August 6, 2006, 10:45 am
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One of the first jobs I did when I embarked on my current career as a freelance writer was a piece of journalism about introducing your kids to computers that says, among other things, that “If parents want their kids to use a computer they must do it with their child so they are interacting.”
I remembered this piece too late yesterday and I feel very stupid today.

Our son likes YouTube. We search it for things like Thomas the Tank Engine or Road Runner and let him click his way through a few clips.

Or we did.

Yesterday, however, he clicked on a profanity-laden Road Runner mashup that had “F**k-F**k” instead of “Meep meep!”

This is why we no longer do YouTube without it being an interactive event.

Ever since this incident I’ve been re-thinking all those scenarios about ones kids encountering terrible things online. They suddenly seem more plausible. The people calling for censorware seem less nutty.

But rather than enter panic/lockdown, the path is simple.

I’ll be online WITH the kids from now on, instead of trusting that my fellow netizens appreciate the different needs of a family with young kids.

Sadly this seems a necessity because a nearly-five-year-old cannot be expected to navigate media without a guide.

Now all I have to do is remember the URLs of the naughty stuff to look at later on …


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Isaac: “Road Runner said ‘F*ck’!”
Mummy: “No, Road Runner doesn’t say that”
Isaac: “He said it AGAIN!!”
Mummy: “F*ck. Turn that thing off”

Comment by Elissa

It isn’t a thousand miles away from leaving them in front of commerical TV…

“New Roboblaster 7 has all the weapons you need to FIIIIGHT, and PILLAGE and DESTROY and resolve conflict by CRUUUUSHING the enemy. Use the new chainsaw attachment to HAAAACK bits of pretty much anyone you feel like.” Then drive dangerously. Then put makeup on your pony.

Still, next year any semblance of us being able to filter everything goes out the window. Who will have to deal with the first piercing? The first tatt? aieeeee!


Comment by pdaddy

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