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Show Me Where by Simon Sharwood
August 13, 2006, 2:36 am
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Picking up on the theme of Rainbow’s End (grown ups getting left behind by tech their kids wield without a second thought), I was chuffed to learn about, a page that lets you make your own Google Maps!

So I did! Have a look at this map and maybe you’ll consider me one spatially-enabled cool dad from now on!

I think its great that people abstract ths stuff so those of us without the nous to hack it for ourselves or the time to learn can still play. Thank you Show Me Where for showing me how!


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This is brilliant. I’m off to check some of these out with the boys.
And thank you for leaving Hollis Park off. I don’t want thousands of others competing with my lads for the recently-added bright yellow motor boat on springs.

Comment by Ben Haslem

Unfortunately, like the SMH website, it won’t work with Firefox.

Comment by Yates

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