Stay Cool Dad

Toy story by Simon Sharwood
August 22, 2006, 5:40 am
Filed under: Just listened to ...

I passed through K-Mart today and wandered down the toy weapons aisle.

Gee there were some fearsome things there.

It got me thinking about why kids (okay, boys) like this stuff.

I can see the attraction in playing with something that lets you mimic the skill and attainment of older people. So the Ninja stuff, no matter how violent, I think also carries with it some forward projection of times when kids imagine they too will have achieved some kind of prowess.

But does it all have to be so violent? Maybe it does. I cannot imagine our boy being impressed by anything other than a physical role model. All his play is about speed or strength and I suspect that is all he can really comprehend right now no matter how much we encourage him to appreciate other aspects of life.

All of which does not really bother me. Some people like this stuff. I’ve got no beef with them.

But I hope (and mostly expect) that before too long our kids will be less interested in the action-driven stuff they get from the media and more stimulated by media that depicts other types of prowess and skill as also being things worthy of attainment.


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