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… in which the four year old shows the first awareness of the existence of computer games by Simon Sharwood
August 31, 2006, 9:07 am
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We’ve deliberately avoided putting computer games in the path of our four year old son.

They’re not age-appropriate and, if my own behaviour is anything to go by, once the boy starts he won’t stop.

We’ve let him play some strictly educational stuff online at sites like play with me sesame.

But even our old PS1 has stayed firmly at the back of cupboard, never to be brough out in case it sparks a desire to experiment.

But tonight while I was stacking the dishwasher, the boy came up to me and said “PSP has tiny disks!”

I asked what he meant and it was clear: one of the kids at his day care centre has a Playstation Portable and some disks for it.

“What’s a PSP for?” I asked.

“It’s little tiny disks,” he replied.

So we’ve dodged a bullet … for now. Surely it won’t be long before Thomas the Tank Engine is shunted aside in favour of things he (and I) find far more attractive … and that means a whole new set of media angst.

The good news is that it’ll probably be cheaper than Thomas. Those trains cost a bomb!


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Our three year old was playing some on-line Thomas games and I said it was obvious he needed a PS2.
Mum was horrified, clearly recalling losing me to hours of Championship Manager a few years ago.

Comment by Ben Haslem

The big plus is it is still up to you when you get one! Padster is surrounded by kids with playstations, x-boxes and whatever those handheld things are called these days but we have avoided them at home. He is allowed on the computer to play games (acutally the rule is on any electronic toy – so computer old outdated gameboy that was a hand me down) for half an hour per day (it isn’t cumlative so if you miss one day bad luck) and he shows remarkable sense of restraint about them (so far).

Comment by Annette

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