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Kids change everything by Simon Sharwood
September 5, 2006, 10:07 am
Filed under: Just listened to ..., Off topic, but indulge me

I’m a huge Neal Stephenson fan.

So much so that I recently bought and read one of his minor novels, The Cobweb. There’s plenty of amusement in it, especially a passage in which the protagonist, who is tkaing care of his infant daughter alone, wonders why parenting books all offer diametrically opposed advice.

That’s a departure from the usual for Stephenson, thematically at least.

Anyway … I have since started to re-read his The Diamond Age, which I have not touched for years.

At the core of this excellent novel is a book intended to stimulate the minds of young girls.

Re-reading it as a parent I feel as if Stephenson imagined at least some of the tale out of a desire to explore his feelings about how to best help his kids get on in life.

That’s an odd thing for a cyberpunk author to do, you’d think.

But as my kids have quickly taught me, and this blog (I hope) demonstrates, kids change the way you think about everything …


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