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Exposure attempt mostly fails by Simon Sharwood
September 20, 2006, 12:39 am
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I’ve long thought that one of the things that attracted me to working in the media was the hope that I could, even in a small way, be part of the effort to create things, rather than just passively consume things with no understanding of how or why they come into being.

I hope the same for the kids, so when the chance came to be an extra in a movie being shot at a footy ground down the road from our house I jumped at it to give the boy a look at how movies get made.

That the movie is about the Newtown Jets helped. I have a stupid soft spot for this team, which was booted out of top flight Rugby League in 1982. The team’s supporters basically refused to lose their team, and it has since reincarnated in lower grades with considerable success. The Jets play at Henson Park, a slendidly delapidated suburban stadium with a big ring of grassy banks around the playing field. That means the kids can run around while I and my mates squint into the sun watching footy.

Anyway, the idea that I could take the boy to run around in the open air while getting a glimpse of how things come to appear on his TV was appealing. He seemed interested too in seeing how a movie gets made. So off we headed, full of optimism.

Sadly, we were made to sit in the crowd as background to a shot. We could scarcely see the cameras and the only hint of film-making process was the 20-something girl whose job it was to wrangle the extras into waving our Jets flags at the right times.

The boy played along with that, helped by a choc-chip biscuit. And now he at least thinks he’ll be in a movie, although he has no inkling all he’ll be is a small blue blob on the hill.

Next time something like this comes up, I hope he gets a better look.


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Padster was trained this week at school by a ‘famous footy player’ as in ‘Mum, mum I have a famous footy player’s autograph on my hat!’ “who darling?” “um his name is Will he is from the Jets.. ah mum who are they!”

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