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This stuff actually works … (aka Validation for existence of blog) by Simon Sharwood
September 27, 2006, 12:33 am
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About a year ago, we rented the delightful movie ‘The Iron Giant’. It made a HUGE impression on our son.

I’ve since read him the Ted Hughes book, which was a tough going for him.

And over the weekend we rented the movie again. And this time he really gets it. The pacifist message has come through loud and clear and really changed the way he thinks about violence, which has become something he is quite interested in at the moment.

Watching Prehistoric Park has also been a huge influence. He is totally switched on to dinosaurs now and can really pronounce some of the polysyllabic names.

So that’s two big behaviour swings in a week, each direectly attributable to media.

Need I say more?


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We love love love Prehistoric Park at our place too. So much so I have shelled out for tickets to the Walking with Dinosaurs thing for the January School holidays.

But the thing I like the best? The continued naivety about it all. He came home and said – ‘hey mum, some of the kids think those dinosaurs are robots and not real.’ I said ‘do they? What do you think?” and he said ‘well I don’t know about dinosaurs, but I do know that time machines are real, so I think it is true.’

What do you say to that??

Comment by Annette

My son is a year or so younger than yours. But the other day he was watching a show called “The Upside Down Show” – it is on pay tv here in Australia and is very well done by two prominent Australian comics. But my son loves this thing that they do called “action fingers” where you make your fingers “walk” he loves the idea. But I thought that it was quite a weird concept that he seems to have come to grips with.

Just another example of a young mind being more capable of that which we thought, and the media!

Comment by The Rooster

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