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Catching up by Simon Sharwood
October 8, 2006, 11:44 am
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A few things to catch up on, after a very busy time with work has left me little or no time to blog:

  • If YouTube is so huge and SO the future of everything, why does ‘Australia’s Funniest Home Videos’ still exist? I can’t imagine the family gathering ’round the PC anytime soon for some nicely packaged entertainment*;
  •  Took the kids to see the 40th anniversary Play School concert yesterday. They were so engaged, so focused, and all their senses were active. For once I felt like a good parent for exposing the kids to media. And the fact Play School has survived in essentially the same format for 40 years made me think there are some universals that will survive for a long time, whatever the Net does to our lives;
  • Dinosaurs have gone large. In fact this weekend is probably the first time in three years the boy has not asked to build a train track. This makes me sad. But the things Dinosaurs are doing for vocabulary, memory and grasp of different concepts (meat-eaters vs. plant-eaters, for example) is astounding. All this from one TV show and some encouragement in the form of picking out the show as special and taking the time to watch it with the kids … only about 1000 lessons there!
  • ARIA says its Top 50 chart will now combine CD sales and downloads as this is the only way to determine the real No. 1 record. There’s a sign of the times for you … I expect our kids will never buy a CD. Quite what devices we’ll be buying them to bury in their bedrooms will also be fun to discover.

That’ll do for now. I need to sleep.

*I’m kinda hostile to Web 2.0 evangelists right now.


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