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A really weird North Korean moment by Simon Sharwood
October 10, 2006, 7:50 am
Filed under: Just listened to ...

Drving the kids to day care today, I heard a radio current affairs report about the situation in North Korea, nuclear tests and all that.

Unbelievably, ABC Radio’s ‘AM’ illustrated the situation with some dialog lifted from ‘Team America: World Police’ in which UN weapons inspector Hans Blix warns North Korea’s president he will get “a very angry letter” if he does not allow the UN to check out his nuclear program.

That was surreal enough. What was even weirder was that within about a nanosecond of the dialog starting, the kids shut up and started listening. I think that somehow the ‘cartooniness’ of the voices cut through and got their attention.

Either that or they’ve got nuclear angst good and young …


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