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Guilt by Simon Sharwood
October 17, 2006, 1:43 am
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Assume for a moment that I’ve been using BitTorrent a bit lately.

I’ve seldom had many qualms about it, because I have rules. I only download stuff that free to air TV is either holding back from local screens or that I missed due to a busted VCR or whatever.

But now I’m worried.  The kids, you see, currently have no concept of money.

I tell them I work to make the stuff and their eyes glaze over. They don’t get it.

But once they do, how to explain BitTorrent? If a movie appears in the house, is there any way to explain it without teaching my kids to be thieves, and that stealing is acceptable under some circumstances?

Think ‘But Daddy, you did not pay for that episode of [insert cool new show name here.’

Thing is, if music were priced well (and DRMed sensibly) I would not even consider And if the TV networks weren’t such antidiluvian buttheads, I wouldn’t need to download.

Hopefully things will change before these moral issues move beyond the hypothetical and into the realms of actual discussions that need to happen.


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Soy – try thinking of it as liberation rather than stealing. Personally I find that helps!

Comment by Annette

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