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Ground rules for the new computer by Simon Sharwood
November 1, 2006, 7:21 am
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I work as a technology writer, so there is a certain irony in the fact that I work with a five year old Dell which is so far from any edge – bleeding or otherwise – that I cannot really experience today’s software or multimedia doodads.

So I’ve splashed out. The new machine arrives next week, complete with 24 inch screen, TV tuner … the works.

The primary reason for the massive screen is all the stuff I read saying more screen=more productivity.

But we may also rejig the study so it can become a second TV zone in extremis.

That will, however, be subject to this rule: this house will NEVER be one in which kids and adults retreat to different areas of the house to consume media alone. And the kids will NEVER get their own TVs in their rooms.

I just think it is too isolating and anti-social.

Let’s see if I can hold to this idea!


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That’s the rule in my house. No one gets a TV in their room. Noone gets a computer that isn’t in a shared area of the house (although i expect that one to chnage when the kids get older) and there are no gaming consoles.

There’s too little precious time we have with our kids. Eroding that with TVs, games and computers is wasting what limited time we have where the kids want to actually interact with us.

Comment by Anthony Caruana

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