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Old school meets new school by Simon Sharwood
November 2, 2006, 12:05 am
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My Boy went to his first orientation for primary school yesterday.

My wife, who took him there, reported that lessons revolve around “smart boards,” which I gather are PC-driven white boards.

I’ve never seen one.

And I probably should.

After all, if I am not familiar with the tech being used to teach my kids, how can I understand what they are being taught, and how?

I forgot how to do long division a decade or two back.

I think I better make sure I get my head around smart boards before I lose touch with the tools that are really important to my kids’ future.


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‘Active boards’ and they are soooo clever. The principal at our (Don’t you love that we are sharing a school again for the first time in 20 years!)school is a techo boy. And I think the infant school is rather well equipped with computers and the like – your boy will bring your home his first power point presentation in semester one next year.

Comment by Annette

Sorry I lost the beginning of that comment – the smart boards are fantastic
I think they are sometimes called ‘Active boards’ and they are soo etc

(My comments keep disapearing as I write them unless I am very good at ‘entering’ a
t the end of each line!

Comment by Annette

Hmm.. I went along to my daughter’s first day at Primary a week or so back. Normal, ordinary, low-tech chalkboards were the state of play there. I have played with smart board type setups previously (although not in an educational context) — I wonder if the “wow” factor for the kids offsets the educational value? Just a thort…

Comment by AlexK

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