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Media Comprehension Discrepancy by Simon Sharwood
February 21, 2007, 1:38 am
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My son has just started school.

So he is learning to read and this is helped by the fact his school sends home a book each day.

Yesterday’s book was called ‘My Cat’.

The text was ‘This is my cat. He goes up on the Fence … TV … Bed.” Each page a different location.

He got through it alright, but I feel like there is this amazing discrepancy between the media used to teach him (“He goes up on the fence”) and the other media he consumes (This week’s video: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory).

Makes me wonder just what he gets out of television and how we can better match it to his learning needs. Yet another way to feel inadequate as a parent looms …

I dub this one the Media Comprehension Discrepancy.


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He’s learning different types of media literacy, Simon.

Comment by joshglid

Indeed. And what’s more (and for what it’s worth, I’m sitting through exactly the same stories as you are with my daughter) he’s learning all that new fangled readin’ stuff. Not that anyone could make a living from it or nothing…

But more seriously; while the messages presented in the average video are more complicated — and I’ve seen a sharp upswing in the sophistication of the type of material that my daughter likes to consume over the last six months — the ability to read — or try to, or learn to, or however you want to put it — excites her and fires her imagination more than any video does. And that makes me happy as a Dad — there’s already more than enough that I feel inadequate about in that regard, so every plus is a BIG plus.

Comment by Alex

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