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The Net moment by Simon Sharwood
February 27, 2007, 11:23 am
Filed under: Just listened to ...

Our son has become very interested in nature. Or at least Space, Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and fierce animals.

So on Sunday afternoon when the conversation turned to Mars I suddenly thought to myself ‘Why don’t we look for some stuff about Mars online?’

So we did. And there was a lot to see, even if the main attraction was some really lame games on NASA’s site.

We probably played with them for half an hour or so.

As we played I had this moment where I thought to myself ‘Wow! Anything my child needs to know, I can now find.’ The huge possibilities of the Net rushed in at me like never before.

Best of all,  we played together. It was as if everything I have ever read about how to make sure your kids have a good online experience was being acted out in front of me. I was the lead player. And I was doing the right thing!

I’m not sure I have had that feeling before when introducing the kids to media.

Suppose I better do it again now … and we never did get to Google Maps, Mars edition …


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