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Too soon for wiining … by Simon Sharwood
May 15, 2007, 7:47 am
Filed under: Family

We took the kids to the wine country over the weekend.

I knew in advance that it could be a stretch – wineries are not really kid friendly and they have no socialisation at all  around the whole idea of cellar door hopping.

They did alright, thanks to the presence of a swimming pool and a  park. Those were familiar enough to them to be fun. The rest? Wine is just not for kids and there was no point of reference to hang the experience on for them, especially as wineries have no cute animals …

Meanwhile, we are about to acquire a Nintendo Wii. I have no idea what that will do to the kids. I plan to have fun!


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You should be able to have fun with the kids and a Wii – in fact, if you can’t, something’s going badly wrong.

If my experiences are any guide, it may pay to be prepared to be beaten at Wii Sports Bowling by a five year old. Repeatedly. My wife tells me it’s character-building…

Comment by Alex K

>>wineries have no cute animals…

If you’re ever game enough to give it another go with the kids try Kevin Sobels in the Hunter Valley. From my experience their giant St Bernard will keep the kids entertained long enough for you to work your way through the tasting list.

Comment by Prue R

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