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Taking control by Simon Sharwood
July 1, 2007, 3:43 am
Filed under: Family, Games

The boy has never been one of those kids that get precocious with remote controls. So if the channel needs changing or the DVD needs a bunt onto a different chapter, parents scuttle about our house to help them out.

But the Wii is changing this.

The boy can turn it on, get the TV onto the right channel, start a game and do all that’s needed to get it rolling.

Clearly, Wii is more of an incentive to learn this behaviour than silly old television ever was.

It has not, however, sparked poor behaviour. Both kids have been pretty good about having it turned off. And there is also a slow but noticeable improvement in motor skills.

And when he hit his first home run in baseball today (broken arm and all), it was a very fine occasion!

All in all, a pretty good result so far, especially as his favorite passive media right now is rather violent and sees a lot of shouting and punching.

I understand that is normal. But it is also obnoxious to deal with all day …


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