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Total Devo by Simon Sharwood
September 3, 2007, 10:39 am
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Devo, my second or third favorite band of all time (J&MC are in there, so are REM) have sold out. Totally.

They have devolved from being hip, cool and counter-most-things to being just another cog in the machine.


Because their latest single, ‘Watch Us Work It‘ was recorded for a Dell commercial. Yes, Dell. The company that likes to turn everything it does into ‘commodities’ and then brags about it.

This comes on top of the Devo 2.0 debacle from last year when the band teamed with Disney, FFS, on a tween remake of Devo’s Greatest Hits.

Having said that, I discovered this on a website that says Devo toured Europe this year. If they ever tour Australia, I am SO there …. and I will buy an energy dome.

UPDATE: Okay, maybe this was a bit harsh given that Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo apparently did the music the ‘Hi, I’m a Mac’ ads.


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[…] Full (sad) details and link to the video on my other blog. […]

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I adored Devo and still do – if I ever had a chance to get a new dog I have determined to get a whippet and name it “Good”. I don’t want to know about them doing ads, really.

(friend of Elissa’s!)

Comment by jano

Don’t judge them too harshly, I love the song and alway get a wry smile at the four letter word (not Dell 😉 around the 35 second mark.

Comment by Paul McKeon

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