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Good Vibrations vs God Only Knows by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 8:24 am
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So I’m guessing, given you’re reading this, you’re familiar with The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds.” Way back when, The Beach Boys released Pet Sounds. Around the same time, The Beatles released Sergeant Peppers. To be honest, I’ve always been more of a Beach Boys kind guy. At least when it came to those two albums. 

The thing is, if you’re into The Beach Boys, are you more of a Good Vibrations person, or God Only Knows?

Here’s God Only Knows

And here’s Good Vibrations

The thing about Good Vibrations is the drop about 2:10 into the song: “I don’t know where, but she takes me there.” and still, loving the drop, I find myself favouring God Only Knows. 

It’s a silly debate, I know. They’re both masterpieces. Brian Wilson once said he wanted to write “teenage symphonies to God.” I reckon, with those two songs, he nailed it. 

and I’m stoked. 


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